Wilton Mechanics Pro Vise, 5-1/2 inch

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855M, Wilton Mechanics Pro Vise, 5-1/2 inch

Part #: 28811
Model: 855M
Ships From: Our warehouse

  • Sealed construction
  • Needle roller thrust bearing and longer spindle nut
  • 5 inch maximum jaw opening
  • Lifetime warranty

Size (inches): 5-1/2
Throat Depth (inches): 3.625
Throat Opening (inches): 5
Weight (pounds): 40

The newest vise in the Wilton line-up delivers the clamping force and quality that all Wilton vises are known for. In addition to a precision-machined slide bar and sealed spindle, the Mechanics Pro also incorporates a needle roller thrust bearing under the spindle hub. This new feature makes generating and releasing greater clamping force easier than ever.

Other standard features include a movable jaw and base built from 60,000 PSI ductile iron, hardened steel jaws, 360-degree swivel base with dual lock-downs, and a large anvil surface on the back.


Lifetime manufacturer's warranty