Tin Knocker Power Crimper Beader

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Tin Knocker® Power Crimper Beader

  • Accepts RW 3617 Tooling
  • 7 Sets of Roll Tooling - Included
  • Enlarged Back Gauge Plate
  • Foward & Reversing Pedals for Two Hand Handling

This is a versatile, workhorse of a machine. With a 13” throat and capacity of 18- gauge mild steel, it can perform most all beading and swaging functions. It is a beefy 3⁄4 HP machine, with the business end made of solid, machined cast iron, mounted on a sturdy sheet metal cabinet. A two-pedal foot switch allow the operator to have two hands free at all times when changing direction of the rolls. An enlarged back gauge plate also facilitates handling of the part. Includes spacer collars for all operations except flanging. Rolls on this machine are interchangeable with the Roper Whitney Pexto 3617 rolls



Weight: 340 lbs
Dimensions: 39 x 52 x 14.5 in
Capacity: 18 gauge mild steel
Throat to frame: 13″
Throat to gauge: 12.25

Motor: 1 HP, 3 PH 230 Volt