Tin Knocker 10ft x 16 Ga. Duct Notcher

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New Tin Knocker 1016 Hydraulic Duct Notcher-for Speed Notching - Single Phase


Notches up to 6 times faster than hand notching. This 5 headed gang notcher is a fast and easy way to notch sheet metal ducting, in preparation to receive bar, S Cleats and Drive Cleats…or other drive connections. A real money maker in that it is fast, accurate and durable.

QuickNotch allows you to gang-notch sheet metal hydraulically up to 600% faster than by hand, without layout or scribing. It's the perfect tool for preparing bar, slip or "s" and other drive connections.



Capacity: 16 – 28 gauge mild steel
No. Notching Heads: 3 V and 2 corner, for 5 total. V Notch. 1 ½” max
Motor & Electrics: 3 HP Dual Voltage,115- 230/1/60, 1800 RPM
Dimensions: 79” L x 36” W x 36”H
Weight: 880 lbs