Tin Knocker 1014 Air Shear

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Tin Knocker® 1014 Air Shear

  1. Try to find a comparable 10 ft. x 14 ga. Power Shear in terms of features and price!  You won’t find it.

    This shear sets a new standard for value in a 10 ft. x 14 ga. Power Shear.  It is loaded with truly usable, standard features to include:

    1. Manual Front Operated Precision Back Gauge with Digital Readout
    2. Telescoping Pull Out Front Sheet Supports
    3. Mechanical Front Dumping Rear Sheet Supports
    4. Reversible 4 ft. Squaring Arm with Embedded Scale and 3 Drops Stops
    5. Scaled Entrance Guides, Both Ends
    6. Manual One-Shot Lubrication
    7. Two T-Slotted, 24″ Front Support Arms

Product Description


  • Weight: 3775 lbs
  • Dimensions: 144 x 40 x 64 in
  • Capacity: 14-gauge mild steel & 18-gauge stainless steel
  • Cycle Speed: 20 strokes per minute
  • Air Supply: 80-gallon tank needs 90 psi at 14 CFM