Scotchman CPO 350 NF 14" Non-Ferrous Manual Cold Saw

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Scotchman CPO 350 NF 14" Non-Ferrous Manual Cold Saw

A Circular Cold Cut Saw is the best machine for cutting ferrous and non-ferrous materials. For ferrous material, this unique type of cutting turns the blade at a very low RPM, similar to a milling process, giving a FAST, precise, burr-free cut without heat or sparks.

The Scotchman Cold Saw line is complete with pivot and column designs for ferrous and non-ferrous applications, manual to fully automatic, and is capable of cutting straight or angled cuts.

Scotchman offers a complete selection of cold saw blades in stock for immediate delivery. Our fast, high-quality Blade Sharpening Service will grind blades with special tooth number.

The Scotchman Non-Ferrous Series of cold saws provides the cleanest of cuts in solid or extruded aluminum.

These machines provide straight, burr-free cuts; easy mitering; and safe operation without sparks, heat, or burr.

These machines are available in all stages of automation--manual to fully automatic-- and are built to last.

Standard Features

Miter Capabilities 45 Degrees Left and 45 Degrees Right
Miter Locking Device: Quick, Accurate Settings-Stops at 45 Degrees Left, Straight 90 Degrees, and 45 Degrees Right
Manual Double Self-Centering Vise Assures Burr-Free Cuts
Operator Controlled Trigger Switch
Capable of Slotting
5 HP, 3,000 RPM
Positive Cog Belt Driven
Chip Drawer
One Gallon Coolant Tank with Mist Lubrication System
One 13-1/2" Diameter (338 mm) Carbide-Tipped Blade
One Blade Wrench
One Gallon Concentrated Coolant
230 or 460 Volt /3 Phase Electrics (must specify voltage)
Warranty: Three Years on Parts
Made in USA


Non-Ferrous machines designed for aluminum, plastic, copper, etc.    
Cutting Speed 3,000 rpm  
Motor Rate 5 HP  
90 Degree
4-1/2" (114 mm)
4-1/4" x 4-1/4" (108 x 108 mm)
5-1/2" x 4" (140 x 102 mm)
90 Degree
3" (76 mm)
3" x 3" (76 x 76 mm)
45 Degree
4-1/4" (108 mm)
4" x 4" (102 x 102 mm)
4" x 4" (102 x 102 mm)
45 Degree
2-1/2" (64 mm)
2-1/2" x 2-1/2" (64 x 64 mm)
Factory Wired Specify
208 3 ph
230 3 ph
460 3 ph
575 3 ph 60 hz
Maximum Diameter Blade 14" 350 mm
Arbor Bore 1-9/16" 40 mm
Pin Spacing 4/12/64  
Width 21-7/8"  
Depth 43-1/2"  
Height not including handle 56-1/4"  
Height from floor to vise 37-7/16"  
Shipping Weight 625 lbs. (283 kg)