Scotchman CPO 275PK Manual Cold Saw with Power Vise

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Scotchman CPO 275PK Manual Cold Saw with Power Vise

Part #: CPO275PK
Ships From: Factory shipped

  • Miters 45 degrees left and right
  • 3 speed options
  • Air-operated vise
  • 3 year warranty

 The Scotchman CPO 275 PK Manual Cold Saw with a powered material clamp provides clean, straight, burr-free cuts; easy miter cuts; and safe operation without sparks or heat. Miter cuts and slotting operations are no problem with a head will rotate up to 90 degrees left or right. Miter locking pins at 45 degrees left, 45 degrees right and 90 degrees provide positive, fast angle selection. Burr-free cuts are easily achieved, with the double self-centering vise.

These rugged machines are made to last with a hardened and ground bronze worm gear and a hardened and ground wheel gear will provide years of trouble-free service. Low Turn (LT) speed saws are designed to be used with thick wall or solid materials. High Turn (HT) speed saws are designed to be used with thin wall or non-ferrous materials. Single Speed (SS) saws are used when 220 volt, 1 phase power is the only available power option. A wide range of applications from small shops to large manufacturing facilities can depend on this saw for years to come.


Type: stationary
Blade Size (inches): 11 (275mm)
Mitering Range: 90 degrees left, 45 degrees right
Round Solid Capacity 90 Deg (inches): 1-1/2
Round Solid Capacity 45 Deg (inches): 1
Round Tube Capacity 90 Deg (inches): 3-3/8
Round Tube Capacity 45 Deg (inches): 2
Square Tube Capacity 90 Deg (inches): 3
Square Tube Capacity 45 Deg (inches): 2
Rectangle Tube Capacity 90 Deg (inches): 2 x 3
Rectangle Tube Capacity 45 Deg (inches): 2 x 3
Weight (pounds): 600
Dimensions (LxWxH): 22 x 44 x 54


  • 150 tooth blade
  • One gallon of concentrate coolant
  • Saw tool kit


3 year manufacturer's warranty