Roper Whitney 4 foot Box and Pan Brake, 12 gauge

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Roper Whitney 4 foot Box and Pan Brake, 12 gauge

  • 6 inch depth of box capacity
  • Heavy tie rods for minimum deflection
  • Removable bending bar and angle
  • Made in the USA
  • The Roper Whitney Connecticut U-412-6 box and pan brake is a heavy duty floor standing brake designed for the most demanding conditions. It features a 6 inch depth of box capacity, but is equally as useful as a standard straight brake.

    The brake also features a removable apron insert for 1/4 inch bends in lighter material. Adjustable clamping pressure, heavy counterweights and an apron stop add to the brake's ease of operation. The heavy duty cast iron fingers have bolt on, replaceable, hardened steel contact points, and the apron also features replaceable bushings and hinge pins.


    3 year manufacturer's warranty

    Type: manual
    Mild Steel Capacity: 12 gauge (2.7mm)
    Stainless Capacity: 16 gauge (1.6mm)
    Working Length (inches): 48
    Max Depth Of Box (inches): 6
    Max Lift Of Beam (inches): 1.625
    Front To Rear Adj (inches): 1.125
    Min Reverse Bend (inches): .250
    Minimum Flange Capacity (inches): 1
    Number/Width Of Fingers: 3, 4, 5 inch
    Weight (pounds): 1205
    Dimensions (LxWxH): 72 x 49 x 56