RAMS-1016-HB 16 Gauge Heavy Duty Brake

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NEW RAMS Sheet Metal Brake 10' 16 Gauge - OUT OF STOCK 





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Capacity Mild Steel

16 Gauge (.062)

Capacity Aluminum

12 Gauge (.080)

Capacity Stainless Steel

20 Gauge (.038)

Max Bending Length


Bending Angle

0-125 Degrees

Max Lift of Beam

1 1/2"

Front to Rear Beam Adjustment


Min Reverse Bend


Min Flange Capacity


Floor Print w/ Counter Weights

166" x 34-1/2"

Working Space

166" x 34-1/2"

Approx. Shipping Weight

2800 lbs


The RAMS-HB series sheet metal brakes are simply unparalleled in performance. The RAMS Hand Brake is 100% made in the USA. This brake is fully equipped, weighs in at a robust 2600 lbs. User friendly features, such as segmented counterweights and a repeat bend stop; insure safety and ease of use. Precision machined components are also incorporated in the construction of this reliable machine. The RAMS Hand Brake is backed by a 2yr warranty.