Phase-A-Matic Rotary Phase Converter 75 Horse Power R-75

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Phase-A-Matic Rotary Phase Converter 10 Horse Power R-75

Product Description

Phase-A-Matic Rotary Converter 10 Horse Power R-75
Instruction Sheet 

Important: The Rotary Phase Converter is a FULL POWER converter. However, different load types dictate special sizing requirements. The chart below follows a standard load type as the Largest Motor HP to be applied. The standard load type requires sizing the converter 50% larger than the HP rating of the machine/motor. There are other load types that require sizing the converter twice as large, and some extreme load types require sizing the converter three times larger. See these load types on the Rotary Converter




230 V
Largest Motor HP1 50 HP
Multiple Motors Lightly Loaded Power2

225 HP

Approximate Rotary Converter Idle Current

29 A

Disconnect Switch Time Delay Fuse Current

300 A

NEMA Starter Size


Magnetic Starter Thermals Overloads Current

235 A
Minimum Single-Phase Supply Breaker Current3 375 A


4 y

Free On Board (F.O.B.)

Palmdale, California

Shipping Depth

24 in



Additional Information

Causes no interference to radio, television, or computer equipment.

Uses Include

Metalworking and woodworking equipment, farm equipment, pumps, compressors, elevators, transmitters, printing equipment, food processing equipment, computers, sewing machines, air conditioners, hoists, extractors, wheel balancers, EDM machines, rectifiers, lasers, conveyors and just about any 3-phase equipment. For CNC/PLC equipment use our CNC Package Phase Converter. Ask for our CNC PAC™ brochure.


This chart is simplified and cannot reflect the many types of applications possible.


Converters are intended for use in clean, dry locations with access to an adequate supply of cooling air. In addition, there should be protection from, or avoidance of, flammable or combustible materials in the area of converters as they can eject flame and/or metal in the event of an insulation failure.


Weatherproof and KW models also available.
For 50 Hz operation consult factory.
For larger sizes, contact factory.


  • Runs Three-Phase Equipment from Single-Phase Power Source
  • Heavily Loaded Applications
  • Quiet Operation
  • Simple Installation
  • Multi-Motor Operation
  • Multi-Speed Applications
  • Resistive Load Applications
  • No Changing Motors or Switch Gear
  • 1 Almost all machines require sizing the converter 50% larger or more than the largest HP motor of your machine.
    Larger horsepower phase converter systems may be obtained by connecting multiple Rotary Converters in parallel. This is necessary for models that are larger than 100 hp.
  • 2 HP shown in chart reflects maximum HP allowable under specific conditions. Example: Multiple machinery, not started at the same time, and that is running lightly loaded. For larger sizes consult factory.
  • 3 Single-phase supply shown is for absolute maximum output of the Rotary Converter. Most of the time the converter is oversized to provide the high starting current for the motor. It is not always necessary to size the single-phase breakers this large. Contact Phase-A-Matic™ for smaller single-phase breaker qualifications.