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Pexto power squaring shears provide features designed for shearing efficiently and accurately equal the demands of present day productivity. The PH-52 model has built-in ruggedness that will make them last for years of normal use. The shears offer triple-action shearing which includes relief on both edges of both the fixed and moving blades. The blade design eliminates blade-to-blade friction, provides “bite” to minimize sheet movement under shearing stress and produces double penetration in the cutting action. The shears will handle a 52″ sheet. Max. Rated Capacity – 16 gauge (mild steel)

Pexto’s PH-52 features compact, fully-integrated, hydraulically powered units that are ideal for many light gauge shearing applications. Pexto hydraulic power shears feature fast, smooth, oil-cushioned action. Both moving and fixed blades are shearing blades of Hi-Speed steel. One piece cast shear bed is recessed for easy sheet handling. Standard equipment includes a precision rack and pinion back gauge a solid finger guard. The PH-52 also includes front and side gauges, bevel gauges and two front arms. The bed is machined for optional side extension squaring gauge.

Features include:

  • Fully enclosed control panel, with magnetic starter, selector switch and relays
  • Single or continuous stroke operation.
  • Heavy duty foot switch. If released anywhere in the stroke, crosshead returns to “up” position.
  • Pressure relief valve to prevent overloading.
  • Electric solenoid hydraulic valve for instantaneous response.
  • Dial stroke control – accessible adjustment with stroke length indicator.
  • Hydraulic power uniformly applied through double-acting cylinders.

Note: The PH-52 includes parallel back gauge table gauge, bevel gauge, front arms. Also included are deluxe electric control box and stroke control for single phase electrics.

Weight 1350 lbs
Dimensions 72 × 48 × 36 in
Maximum shearing capacity, mild steel

16 ga/ 1,6 mm

Maximum shearing capacity, stainless steel

20 ga/ 1,0 mm

Maximum cutting length

52 in/ 1320 mm

Back gauge range

30 in/ 762 mm

Front gauge range

37 in/ 940 mm

Standard motor

2 hp/ 1800 rpm, 3-phase

Floor space, gauges in position

66 x 76 x 42 in/ 1676 x 1930 x 1070 mm


Comes in 230V and 460V configurations