New Tin Knocker® NO. 24 Cheek Bender

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Tin Knocker® No. 24 Cheek Bender

Normally in stock in one of our warehouses (CA, OH).

For real production! This beefy little 24 inch, two sided cheek bender is built to last. Bench mounted, this machine comes ready for service. Consistent bends are a certainty due to the two-way trunnion keeping the bending apron in position at the origin of the bend. Adjusts for 1/4" to 7/8" bends (6.35mm - 22.2mm).


Capacity: 20 Ga Mild Steel (1.0mm)
Bend Length: 24" (61cm)
Note: Shims are required for 28 Ga and lighter material
Dimensions: 40"x12"x10"
Weight: Approx. 96 lbs. (44kg)