National 8' Heavy Duty Box & Pan Brake, 14 gauge Mdl U6-9614

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National 8 foot Heavy Duty Box & Pan Brake, 14 gauge

This National 96 inch 14 gauge box and pan brake features a unique 6 inch depth of box compared to 4 inch of depth on standard models. Heavy body construction, precision bearings on the apron, two large cast iron counterweights and an apron stop for repeat bends make this box and pan brake a great value.

Section fingers are precision machined from rolled steel bar stock for maximum strength, and can be quickly adjusted or removed by loosening a thumb screw. Heavy tension bars are also included for minimum deflection.

National also backs these machines with a 3 year warranty!


3 year manufacturer's warranty

Type: manual
Mild Steel Capacity: 14 gauge (2.0mm)
Stainless Capacity: 18 gauge (1.22mm)
Working Length (inches): 96
Max Depth Of Box (inches): 6
Number/Width Of Fingers: (5) 3 inch, (6) 4 inch, (9) 5 inch, (2) 6 inch
Max Forming Length (inches): 97
Weight (pounds): 2800
Dimensions (LxWxH): 153 x 27 x 59