National 6' Straight Brake, 12 gauge Mdl N7212

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National 6 foot Straight Brake, 12 gauge

This National 6 foot 12 gauge brake is a heavy duty, U.S. built machine featuring a simple design with the utmost strength, for a long life of dependable service. A convenient, streamlined design means that even the sheet metal novice can bend material quickly and accurately. The machine is built from a heavy steel body with heavy tie rods for perfect alignment, and precision bearings in the apron assure a smoothly operating brake for years to come.

National also backs these brakes with a full 3 year warranty.


3 year manufacturer's warranty

Part #: N7212
Ships From: Factory shipped
Availability: Usually ships within 4-6 weeks

Type: manual
Mild Steel Capacity: 12 gauge (2.7mm)
Stainless Capacity: 16 gauge (1.6mm)
Working Length (inches): 72
Max Forming Length (inches): 73
Weight (pounds): 1800
Dimensions (LxWxH): 129 x 27 x 59