Huth 2660 Fabrication Bender

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Part #: HB2660
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  • 3 inch square capacity
  • Optional swager/expander
  • Auto-stop for repeatable bends
  • 85,000 lbs of bending force

The Huth 2660 fabrication bender is perfect for the manufacturer looking for a heavy duty machine able to run for multiple shifts. The 2660 is great for building anything from green houses to picnic tables. It offers the convenience of a knee pedal control and a compact control panel. This allows the operator to get closer to the work area for more precision and less fatigue. The Smart Automatic Mode features an adjustable return-to–home position control. This unique, time saving feature increases efficiency by assuring fast and easy transitions between multiple bends.

The motor is a 7.5 hp unit and 6 inch cylinder that provides 85,000 lbs of bending force! In the automatic mode, the automatic depth-of-bend selector ensures precise bending control through the use of an easy-to-read, easy-to-adjust depth of bend plate.


1 year manufacturer's warranty

Mild Steel Capacity (inches): 2-1/4 x .250, 3 x .120
Round Aluminum Capacity (inches): 3 x .120
Nominal PIPE Capacity: 2-1/2 inch schedule 40
Square Mild Steel Capacity (inches): 3 x 14 gauge
Solid Bar Mild Steel Capacity (inches): 1-7/8
Minimum OD (inches): 1/2
Bending Style: ram-style
Min Center Line Radius (inches): 3
Max Center Line Radius (inches): 5
Motor: 7-1/2 hp, 220 volt
Control Method: knee control
Repeatability Control: auto-stop
Maximum OD (inches): 3
Dimensions (LxWxH): 54 x 24 x 48