HEM Saw ABS 1750XL Semi-Auto Mitering Head Bandsaw

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Part #: HEM-ABS1750XL
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  • Semi-automatic feature
  • One-Way 45 degree mitering head
  • 6 inch capacity
  • Flood coolant system
  • Variable speed motor

The HEM Saw ABS 1750XL by Femi mitering head band saw is excellent for the moderate industrial user with its highly accurate cuts and large capacity. Its heavy duty construction and quality components equates to a very durable cutting platform. The integrated coolant system keeps the blade and the material cool during the cutting process and the automatic down feed allows the saw to continue cutting, freeing up the operator.

The head rotates up to 45 degrees for almost any miter cut. Blade tension is easily set with a built in safety clutch. An adjustable length stop is also included for easily repeatable cuts.

Gravity downfeed function not recommended for material thinner than .125 inch wall thickness.


1 year manufacturer's warranty

Type: stationary
Motor: 2.7HP, 110 volt
Blade Width (inches): .75
Blade Length (inch): 68.25
Blade Thickness (inches): .035
Speed(s): variable
Mitering Range: 45 degrees right
Round Tube Capacity 90 Deg (inches): 6.1
Round Tube Capacity 45 Deg (inches): 4.3
Rectangle Tube Capacity 90 Deg (inches): 6.2 x 5.5
Rectangle Tube Capacity 45 Deg (inches): 4.7 x 3.9
Weight (pounds): 150


  • 10-14 TPI blade
  • Adjustable length stop
  • Steel base