HEM Saw 2200DA-XL Mitering Head Bandsaw

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Part #: HEM2200DA-XL
Ships From: Factory shipped
  • One-Way 60 degree mitering head
  • 6-7/8 inch capacity
  • Flood coolant system
  • 110 volt variable speed motor

The HEM Saw 2200DA-XL by Femi mitering head band saw is excellent for the moderate industrial user with its highly accurate cuts, large capacity, and hydraulic down feed . Its heavy duty construction and quality components equates to a very durable cutting platform. The integrated coolant system keeps the blade and the material cool during the cutting process. The 2200DA-XL also features a hydraulic down feed control.

The head rotates up to 60 degrees for almost any miter cut. Blade tension is easily set with a built in tension light that notifies the user when the blade is at the proper tension. An adjustable length stop is also included for easily repeatable cuts.


1 year manufacturer's warranty

Type: stationary
Motor: 2.7 hp, 110 volt
Blade Width (inches): .75
Blade Length (inch): 84.25
Blade Thickness (inches): .035
Speed(s): variable
Mitering Range: 60 degrees right
Round Tube Capacity 90 Deg (inches): 6.9
Round Tube Capacity 45 Deg (inches): 4.3
Rectangle Tube Capacity 90 Deg (inches): 5.4 x 7.4
Rectangle Tube Capacity 45 Deg (inches): 4.3 x 5.9
Weight (pounds): 310
Dimensions (LxWxH): 46 x 26 x 68


  • 6-10 TPI blade
  • Adjustable length stop
  • Steel base