Ercolina TB130 Tubing Bender

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Part #: TB130
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  • 2 inch OD capacity
  • Electric gear drive
  • One touch simple programming
  • Foot pedal controls

Top Bender TB130 with 5 inch Tube or 4 inch Sch. 40 Pipe Capacity, Control offers Multiple Program Storage With Individual Bend Angle and Springback Memory, Variable Bend Speed, 220-440 Volt Three Phase


1 year manufacturer's warranty

Mild Steel Capacity (inches): 5
Round Dom Capacity (inches): 5
Nominal PIPE Capacity: 4 inch Sch 40
Square Mild Steel Capacity (inches): 4
Minimum OD (inches): 1/4
Min Center Line Radius (inches): 2
Max Center Line Radius (inches): 27-1/2
Max Degree of Bend: 180
Motor: 220v or 440v, 3 phase
Control Method: programmable on board computer
Maximum OD (inches): 5
Weight (pounds): 300
Dimensions (LxWxH): 22.5 x 16.25 x 39.5 inches

  • Super Bender Plus
  • Die sets sold separately. (Please see accessories tab)