Ercolina Erco Flange Machine

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Ercolina Erco Flange Machine

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Ercolina’s EFB220 Erco Flange Machine uniformly cold forms a variety of materials including stainless, steel, copper and aluminum to 90° flanges in tubes 20 to 220 millimeter diameter with maximum wall thickness of 5 mm.

The innovative forming process uses a series of double conical tools to avoid swelling and deforming the flange.

Greater accuracy with minimum deformation results in less post-forming operations and higher productivity.

The EFB220 Erco Flange Machine is equipped with a PLC control with 5.7" touch screen to easily control settings and machine operation.

Key Features

  • 37° and 90° flanges
  • 201 mm – 8" gas max capacity
  • PLC control, 5.7" touch screen
  • Extremely easy setup
  • Quick change tooling
  • Efficient: 30% cost reduction
  • Heavy duty cast iron structure
  • Double conical tools avoid swelling and deformation
  • Consistent quality results