Edwards Jaws 60 ton Ironworker

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Edwards Jaws 60 ton Ironworker


The Jaws 60 ton ironworker comes standard with a dedicated notching station. In addition the Jaws 60 ton incorporates a 14 inch bar shear, angle shear and heavy duty punch station as standard features.

This Edwards ironworker is also equipped with and electric stroke control. This easy to adjust system speeds up production time by limiting the stroke of the machine to just enough to complete the task at hand. It can also be helpful when using special tooling that requires a limited stroke to perform properly.

Like all Edwards machines, this unit works in a completely vertical motion - straight down on the work. There is no arc of tool against the material to be cut or punched. All stations operate as a unit so you can move from punch to shear to notcher to angle shear without changing or adding any new equipment.


1 year manufacturer's warranty

Part #: Jaws60-EDW
Ships From: Factory shipped
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Stations: 4
Rated Capacity (tons): 60
Punching Capacity (Std): 1 inch diameter in 3/4 plate
Punching Throat Depth (inches): 7.5
Punching Work Height (inches): 37.5
Flat Bar Shearing Max Width (inches): 3/8 x 14
Flat Bar Shearing Max Thickness (inches): 3/4 x 4
Flat Bar Shearing Max Round Cap (inches): 7/8
Flat Bar Shearing Max Square Cap (inches): 7/8
Flat Bar Shearing Work Height (inches): 34.75
Angle Shear Max Size 90 Deg (inches): 4 x 4 x 3/8 or 3 x 3 x 1/2
Angle Shear Work Height (inches): 40
Coper Notcher Work Height (inches): 40-3/8
Open Station Work Height (inches): 42
Throat Depth (inches): 7.5
Open Height (inches): 8
Shut Height (inches): 6.75
Brake Capacity (inches): 10
Stroke (inches): 1.25
Cycle Time: 2 seconds
Motor (Std): 5 hp, 1725 rpm
Hydraulics: 3.5 gpm - 1 stage
Valve Pressure: 2800 psi
Reservoir Capacity: 7 gallon
Cylinder: 2-1/2 inch ram
Weight (pounds): 2479
Dimensions (LxWxH): 36 x 42.5 x 59


  • 4 stations
  • Dedicated coper/notcher station
  • 14 inch capacity bar shear
  • Punching station: 1-1/16 inch thru 3/4 plate
  • Angle shear 3 x 3 x 1/2 or 4 x 4 x 3/8