Eagle ZM402 Roll Bending Machine

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Part #: ZM-402
Ships From: Factory shipped
  • 2.5 x .062 inch round tube capacity
  • 2 x .125 inch square tube capacity
  • 2 driven rolls
  • Manual top roll adjustment

The Eagle ZM402 is a three roll, pyramid type universal roll bending machine with a manually adjusted forming roll, dual driven lower rolls, detached control stand with electronic LED readout to monitor the forming roll. This machine will roll standard/special sections and tube/pipe in a variety of material types. Featuring a solid steel main frame, no castings are used in this machine unlike many other look-alikes. The efficient pyramid design uses a wide lower inter-axis and extended forming roll vertical travel to maximize bending power.

Shafts are made in high strength solid steel alloy 38NCD4, heat treated and precision ground for superior strength and are journaled in dual high dynamic load roller bearings for smooth operation. An oil bath speed reducer, efficient final gear drive, and bi-directional TEFC motor are standard high quality features. The forming roll journal moves on hardened slide ways with adjustable hardened gibs. Dual lateral material guides allow adjustment in axial thrust as well as tilt inclination from frame face!

The ZM402 features a standard 18 component universal roll set, in hardened tool steel, which bends most standard profiles the day your machine arrives. Set-up for different profiles fast by simply sliding rollers onto shafts and tighten the nut. For extra measure a safety limit switch inside machine prevents use when access panels are removed. Finally, operating and maintenance tools, and fully illustrated 50-page instruction manual are all part of this superior standard package.

Other features include:

  • Horizontal/vertical operation
  • Mobile control console
  • Dual foot pedal controls for forward & reverse
  • Accordion anti-pinch mill scale covers
  • 3 way adjustable lateral guides
  • Dual emergency stop palm switches
  • Low voltage controls
  • Thermal motor overload protection


1 year manufacturer's warranty

Mild Steel Capacity (inches): 2-1/2 x .062
Nominal PIPE Capacity: 2 inch schedule 10
Square Mild Steel Capacity (inches): 2 x .120
Solid Bar Mild Steel Capacity (inches): 1-3/8
C Channel Mild Steel Capacity (inches): 3 x 1-1/4
Minimum OD (inches): 3/4
Max Bending Speed: 15 feet per minute
Driven Rolls: 2
Bending Style: roll bending
Size: 40mm shafts
Max Degree of Bend: 360
Motor: 2.25 hp, 220 volt 3 phase
Control Method: foot pedal controls
Repeatability Control: LED readout
Bending Roll Adjustment: manual
Maximum OD (inches): 2-1/2
Weight (pounds): 1050
Dimensions (LxWxH): 32 x 54 x 57


Standard tooling for most square and flat profile materials