Duro Dyne FPP 70 Platinum Edition Conversion Platform - Part #27181

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Duro Dyne FPP 70 Platinum Edition Conversion Platform - Part #27181

works with the MF12A  sold separately

Free Freight to any business address with a way to unload 




The latest breakthrough from the innovators of insulation fastening is the FPP70 #27181, a pinspotter platform that enhances the capabilities of a compact pinspotter. The FPP70 works in conjunction with the Duro Dyne MF70 compact pinspotter (sold separately) to create a versatile insulation fastening machine designed for use in the HVAC industry. The FPP70 is fully assembled for pneumatic and electronic controls to allow the MF70 welding source to be utilized as both a hand held pinspotter and a fixed head pinspotter. This provides the customer with greater capabilities at a lower cost. The MF70 when used with the FPP70, will weld pins from 1/2 inch to 2 inches long on steel from 26 to 20 gauge. With proper power and clean ground, the MF12A/MF70 Pinspotter combined with Conversion Platform can achieve a 16 gauge capacity.

  • Increased Speed 2-3x faster!
  • Automatic Pin Feed
  • Vibrator bowl with 1,000 – 1’’ pin capacity – Capable of bulk feeding and welding 2” pins with 2” liner
  • Feed Track sensor to ensure a full track of pins
  • Dwell timer for a more consistent weld
  • Foot Pedal for hands free operation
  • Front mounted Air Regulator Assembly for easier accessibility
  • 5 foot throat

Height: 11 inches
Width: 11 inches
Depth: 17 inches
Weight: 120 lbs.

Spec Sheet 

Owner's Manual