Duro Dyne #28076 LS-5 Liner Sizer

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Duro Dyne #28076 LS-5 Liner Sizer

Full Product Description


The LS5 is a production engineered liner sizer that is designed with today’s technology to help you size and cut duct liner more efficiently than ever thought possible with a hand operated machine.

The LS allows you to both slit and cut insulation efficiently and accurately. By rotating a crank handle, the liner is quickly fed through the machine. This handle has a direct chain drive for easy operation. Also, Duro Dyne has built into the LS a quick release handle that allows the operator to remove or reposition the uncut material using one or both hands.

Automatically, the LS accommodates material that varies in thickness from 1/2” to 2”. No time consuming manual adjustments are necessary. Just feed in the liner. You are ready for production. Cross cutting insulation can be done from either side due to a swivel mounted 36” long handle. The LS5 crank handle can be converted easily for operation from either side. The LS is manufactured by skilled mechanics, utilizing the latest production techniques. Each unit has been rigorously tested prior to packaging and shipment in order to insure trouble-free operation. Duro Dyne distributors and sales engineers are available throughout the country to provide continuing service.

The machine head can be mounted and used on your own table or can be used with the supplied Duro Dyne frame. This frame not only supports the head but also can accommodate one roll of insulation, (up to 60” wide and 40” in diameter), that can be preloaded onto the built-in reel for continuous, productive operation.



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