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Baileigh 6/10 TPI BAND SAW BLADE FOR BS-127P


This 10/14 TPI band saw blade is a perfect match for our BS-127P.  This is just one of hundreds of blades that we carry.  If you have a special application, Call us at 1-877-528-2809 and talk to a Baileigh expert.

When you purchase a Baileigh Industrial Band Saw, there are a lot of things to consider. The most important element of a great cut is the blade. When cutting materials other then mild steel other variables come into play.  Below is a brief guide to help you pick out the corect blade.

Picking the right blade:

Cutting mild steel or annealed material you would want no less than 3 teeth touching the material or no more than 24. The ideal amount of teeth touching the material at one time would be 6-12. When picking the correct tooth count you also want to consider the wall thickness too aggressive of a tooth count will case the teeth to get catch in the side walls and you will break your teeth. Too fine of a tooth count will only cause a problem when you are cutting through the top or bottom of your material. This can cause premature blade wear or motor failure.

Conditions that will influence pitch selection:

  • Soft materials require less teeth and more gullet capacity.
  • Hard materials require more teeth to share in the work and less gullet.
  • Machine capabilities. Constant feed machines can use a coarser pitch. Gravity feed machines will require a finer pitch.

Please remember that there are Proper Techniques for All Types of Shapes.
Please consult a Baileigh Industrial Technician for help in choosing the correct blade for you application.


Premature and Excessive Tooth Wear

  • Feed pressure too light, increase it Lower band velocity
  • Improper tooth selection, use a finer pitch
  • Improper break-in with new band. Velocity and feeding should be reduced the first few cuts
  • Teeth are running the wrong direction. Be sure teeth are pointing in proper direction
  • Incorrect saw guide insert size for the band, allowing them to strike teeth 

Band Stalls in Work

  • Feed pressure too great - decrease feed 
  • Teeth too coarse, use finer tooth blade 

Blade Making Belly-Shaped Cuts

  • Increase tension 
  • Adjust guides closer to work piece 
  • Teeth too fine - use a coarse pitch 
  • Decrease feed force 
  • Teeth dull 
Item Number BSB-127-10/14
Blade Size 56.5" x .5" x .025
Shipping Weight 2 lbs
Tooth Count 10/14 TPI
Special Notes Blades are non-refundable, please call if you have questions about your application. 877-528-2809

* specifications subject to change without notice.