Blade Starter Kit for Femi NG160 Band Saws

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Part #: B160-Starter
Ships From: Factory
This kit gives you two band saw blades which are not included with the Femi NG160. This allows you to try the available options to find what tooth configuration works best for your application.

Our band saw blades are of the highest quality available. A combination of high cutting rates and long blade life make them ideal for use on a variety of applications. The cobalt molybdenum tooth tips on M42 band saw blades are hardened to 67 - 69 HRC for use on alloy and stainless steel applications up to 1400 N/mn2 tensile.

Size (inches): 68.25 x .5
Length (inches): 68.25
Width (inches): .5
Thickness (inches): .025
Teeth: 6-10, 14 TPI


  • 6-10 TPI blade
  • 14 TPI blade