Baileigh Welding Positioner WP-1100

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If you are in the need for perfect welds on parts that need a lot of handling, then a welding positioner is what you need. Turntable positioners feature a large table on the top that rotates at a slow pace to help create accurate welds, which in turn creates less waste.

The largest of the turntable style positioners from Baileigh Industrial is the WP-1100. This heavy duty rotating positioner has a vertical capacity of 1100lbs. Even though it is a robust heavy duty this great machine operates on only 110 volts making it perfect for any shop.

  • Table capacity 1100 lbs
  • Variable speedu 110V
  • Foot pedal operated
  • Easy to use manual tilt
  • 135° of tilt
  • 19.5" turn table
Vertical Capacity 1100 lbs.
Horizontal Capacity 550 lbs.
Range of Movement 0 to 135 Degrees
Turntable Size 19.5"
Maximum Current 300 Amps
Drive Foot Pedal
Power 110V
Shipping Weight 200 lbs.
Max. Burst Current 500 Amp.
Shipping Dimensions 48" x 48" x 36"