Baileigh Vertical Mill VM-1258-3

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When you need a vertical mill to hold a large job, a small wimpy mill won’t do. You need to step up to the VM-1258 from Baileigh Industrial. The VM-1258 vertical mill features a whopping 12” x 58” table, one of the largest you will find on a manual mill. This large oversized table isn’t just mounted on a wimpy machine to make it look larger. The whole machine has been built to reflect the size and weight that its table brings.

In order to build a machine this big, rigidity has to come into the equation. Baileigh industrial uses only best castings as the starting point for their mills. The stronger you make he platform the better the cutting is. From there we selected one of the best spindle packages available, with an NST 40 spindle. A larger spindle is stronger and has tighter tolerances over a longer period of time. In order to spin a heavy duty spindle like that we decide to go with a Yaskawa® inverter powered by a 5hp 220 volt three phase motor. The inverter lets the operator chose his RPM from 0 to 3800 rpm. Being able to choose the correct rpm will make for longer lasting tooling and better cuts.

Movement on the three axis are powered to make it easier on the operator. The X and Y axis also has a Mitutoyo® digital read out as a standard feature. No need to install it yourself, it is already done at the factory. The X and Y axis also have square slide ways with covers and ball screws for the best movement available. A flood coolant system, air draw bar, and central lubrication system are all factory installed on the VM-1258.

Table Size 58" x 12"
Spindle Center To Column Min Max 5.11" – 21.65"
Spindle Diameter 3.93"
Spindle Feed Per Rev .0035"/.07"/.14"
Spindle Head Swivel 45° (F&R) 90° (R&L)
Motor Spindle 5 hp
Travel Auto X Axis 36.22"
Travel Auto Y Axis 14.96"
Travel Auto Z Axis 17.71"
Travel Manual X Axis 36.61"
Travel Manual Y Axis 15.74"
Travel Manual Z Axis 17.71"
Spindle Nose To Table Min Max 1.37" – 19.09"
Spindle Speed 80 – 3800 rpm
Spindle Taper NST 40
Table Load Capacity 770 lbs.
T Slots .625"
Motor Coolant 1/8 hp
Cross Travel Of Ram 16.53"
Power 220V / 3-phase
Shipping Weight 3,740 lbs.
Spindle Travel 5.51"
Shipping Dimensions 70" x 61" x 91"