Baileigh Vertical Band Saw - BSV-20VS

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New Baileigh Vertical Band Saw - BSV-20VS

The BSV-20VS vertical band saw adds to an already impressive lineup of vertical band saws from Baileigh Industrial. Not only does the BSV-20VS bridge the gap between the popular BSV-16 and the huge capacity of the BSV-24, but adds a variable speed pulley system. The BSV-20VS vertical band saw is one of the most useful and versatile tools you will ever buy. Because of the BSV-20VS's true variable speed, this vertical band saw can used to cut, wood, metal, and even plastic. You not only can use it to make straight cuts but also, because of the vertical blade, those awkward curved cuts too. The BSV-20VS is a must for any fabrication shop.

The BSV-20VS also includes a saw blade shear and a saw blade butt welder with a built in grinder for finishing the weld joint. And to make sure that your cuts are straight and repeatable, Baileigh Industrial is also including a rip fence and protractor. Like the rest of the Baileigh Industrial vertical band saws, the BSV-20VS is typically in stock for fast deliveries.

Table Size 26" x 27.50"
Butt-Welder Capacity (Blade Width) .813"
Slant of Table 5° Left, 15° Right
Motor 2 hp
Maximum Thickness 12.375"
Throat Depth 20.50"
Blade Width 1/8" - 3/4"
Blade Length 153"
Blade Speed 65 - 1640 fpm
Blade Thickness .032"
Power 220V, 60hz, 1-Phase
Shipping Weight 1,100 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 50" x 30" x 87"