Baileigh Shrinker Stretcher MSS-18

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One must have in any fabrication shop is a shrinker/stretcher. The MSS-18 is Baileigh Industrial’s entry level shrinker/stretcher, but we take the base unit and add some kick to it, literally. Instead of having to buy an optional stand like most other sellers; we include it in the price. And what’s better, we made it a kick stand. That’s right; with the MSS-18 both hands will be free to handle the material. Another feature of Baileigh Industrials MSS-18 sheet metal shrinker/stretcher is that ours has one complete shrinker and one complete stretcher both in their own cast iron housings. No need to switch out jaws if you need switch functions. The heavy casting assures a quality function at full capacity, which is 18-gauge in mild steel and 16-gauge in aluminum.

The MSS-18 metal shrinker/stretcher units are constructed of cast iron to last the fabricator for years of production. Replaceable jaws can be ordered separately as needed. Contact a Baileigh Industrial representative for more information.

Mild Steel Capacity 18 ga.
Throat Depth 1.5"
Stand Included
Aluminum Capacity 16 ga.
Power Manual
Shipping Weight 70 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 44" x 21" x 9"