Baileigh Sheet Metal Corner Notcher SN-F16-FN

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Notching corners is a staple of any fabrication shop. Good clean notches are the difference between a great product and a not so great one. The SN-F16-FN sheet metal corner notcher is an economical way to make perfect 90 degrees corners in mild steel sheet metal up to 16 gauge. The SN-F16-FN is very easy to use, because of its spring assisted shear mechanism. Just stomp on the foot pedal to produce clean crisp notches.

This 90 degree fixed sheet metal notcher will produce notches up to 3” x 3”. All sideways are adjustable and have gibs built in for wear. There are also table stops for fine-tuning the notch. This machine is built to last. For more information on the SN-F16-FN sheet metal corner notcher contact a Baileigh Industrial representative today 877-528-2809.

Table Size 10" x 10"
Notch Angle 90° (Fixed)
Stroke Length 3/4"
Capacity (SS) 16 ga. (20 ga.)
Blade Length 3"
Power Manual
Shipping Weight 421 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 60" x 44" x 48"