Baileigh Sheet Metal Brake HB-9616

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The HB-9616 manually operated metal brake from Baileigh Industrial is perfect for HVAC shops or fabricating shops that have to bend full 4 x 8 sheets of light gauge sheet metal. This heavy duty sheet metal brake is built to the same standards as our other straight brakes but is specially designed to make bending 16 gauge and lighter sheet metal easier. The HB-9616 features fully welded frame and support rods that help keep alignment during the bending process even at full capacity. Two large counter weights are also included to help with the bending process.

When the job calls for lighter materials, the HB-9616 has a pair of easily adjustable material thickness wheels that will allow the operator to get the tightest bend possible. The bending leaf of the HB-9616 also has a removable apron that helps reduce distance between bends if needed.

Min Reverse Bend .625"
Thickness (SS) 16 ga. (20 ga.)
Capacity 96"
Beam Adjustment 1"
Bend Angle 0 – 135°
Power Manual
Shipping Weight 1,650 lbs.
Length 96”
Shipping Dimensions 123" x 34" x 40"