Baileigh Sheet Metal Brake BB-12014H

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All of us need a little extra help sometimes and that is where the BB-12014H hydraulic box and pan brake from Baileigh Industrial can help. The BB-12014H uses an industrial grade hydraulic system to replace the manual functions of the BB-12014 manual sheet metal brake making your shop more efficient and saving money. Operation of the BB-12014H hydraulic brake is very simple and straight forward. To create the correct bend in your sheet metal, simply dial in the desired degree including spring back, load the machine, then begin the cycle by stepping on the foot pedal controls. The machine will clamp the material, and the leaf will lift to the desired angle and return, then the upper beam unclamps the material ready for the next bend. These operations can either be done on the control panel or with the supplied foot pedal.

The BB-12014H runs on 220V 3 phase power and has enough strength to bend 14gauge mild steel or 18gauge stainless steel sheet metal to a maximum of 135°. The BB-12014H like all Baileigh Industrial sheet metal brakes is built to last, the fully welded frame and support rods add rigidity to the overall structure allowing for years of trouble free use.

Motor 3 hp
Min Reverse Bend .5"
Thickness (SS) 14 ga. (18 ga.)
Box Depth 6"
Beam Adjustment 1"
Bend Angle 0 – 135°
Finger Sizes 3" – 4" – 5" – 6"
Power 220V / 3-phase
Shipping Weight 5,830 lbs.
Length 120”
Shipping Dimensions 153" x 46" x 67"