Baileigh Shear Brake Roll SBR-1220

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The SBR-1220 shear brake roll is great for the home shop that needs a machine to do multiple things but not take up a lot space. Included in the SBR-1220 is a metal shear, press brake and slip roll. The SBR-1220 has the capacity to work up to 20 gauge mild steel and 16 gauge aluminum in widths up to 12 inches wide making it perfect for those small jobs.

If boxes are one of the requirements for the job then the SBR-1220 press brake will do the trick because of its adjustable fingers on the top beam. The SBR-1220 has a maximum bend angle of 90 degrees and a handy back gauge for repeatability.

The slip roll portion of the SBR-1220 has hardened and polished shafts for long life. It also has three wire grooves for forming wire perfectly. The 20 gauge capacity carries over to the roll and the shear portion of the machine as well. For shearing a spring loaded hold down is a nice feature that will save a lot of time and waste.

Like all Baileigh Industrial shear brake and roll machines, the SBR-1220 is in stock for quick shipment. for more information, please contact a member of Baileigh Industrial’s knowledgeable representative.

Max. Material Thickness (Stainless Steel) .019"
Rolling Capacity 20 ga. (.036”)
Shear Capacity 20 ga.
Min. Rolling Dia. 1.54”
Bed Width 12"
Bending Capacity 20 ga. (.036”)
Maximum Bend Angle 90°
Power Manual
Shipping Weight 125 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 20" x 13" x 17"