Baileigh Semi-Automatic Column Coldsaw CS-C425SA

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The CS-C425SA is a semi-automatic column coldsaw that is perfect for any full-service fabrication or machine shop. The CS-C425SA operates on 220 volts of 3 phase power and accepts a maximum blade of 16" and uses an industrial grade gearbox, drive motor, and hydraulics. The cutting head rides up and down a heavy way track that has been hardened and ground to offer the most accurate cuts in the industry. The column has adjustable gibs that ensure long life from the slide ways. The down feed movement of the cutting head is hydraulically fed offering a precise cutting pressure through the cycle which extends blade life. The CS-C425SA is a vertical column cold saw that has been constructed to last for decades.

To operate the CS-C425SA simply put the material against the provided material stop, press the foot pedal to start the cutting process, the material is hydraulically clamped and then the saw starts its decent to the material. After the cut is finished the blade will shut off and return to the home position, ready for another cut.

This vertical column cold saw can miter left 45 degrees and 60 degrees right, making it a perfect saw for angle iron and channel. An industrial grade coolant pump ensures the blade is cooled and that the chips are washed away from the material being cut.

The Baileigh Industrial CS-C425SA semi-automatic column coldsaw comes standard with 4 cutting speeds, metered material stop, industrial coolant system, and a tool box filled with items for general maintenance and blade changeovers. For further questions regarding the CS-C425SA cold saw, please call your Baileigh Industrial representative.

Max. Blade Diameter 17" - 14" standard
Operation Semi-Automatic
Head Miter 45° Left / 30° Right
Round Solid at 45° 2.36"
Square Tube at 45° 3.93" x 3.93"
Round Tube at 45° 4.5"
Rectangle Tube at 45° 3.93" x 1.96"
Round Solid at 90° 2.75"
Rectangle Tube at 90° 4.72" x 1.96"
Square Tube at 90° 4.33" x 4.33"
Round Tube at 90° 4.92"
Coolant System Yes
Vice Style Single Action
Max. Vice Opening 6"
Head Style Column
Arbor Size 1.26"
Blade Speed Four-Speeds, 35 / 70 & 60 / 120 (rpm)
Power 220V / 3-phase
Shipping Weight 1,870 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 58" x 33" x 84"