Baileigh Reversable Finger Brake BB-5016F-DS

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Sometimes there are jobs that require a unique bend that a standard box and pan brake will not allow you to do. The BB-5016F-DS can take care of those issues. It incorporates segmented fingers on the top beam to accommodate bending up the various sizes and shapes of tanks, pans, boxes and much more. The BB-5016F-DS also has those same segmented fingers on the lower lifting beam to allow for flanges and flaps to hang down while still allowing you to get close to the bend line. The BB-5016F-DS sheet metal brake also features hardened fingers and bending die for long life and years for use.

Another nice feature of Baileigh Industrial’s BB-5016F-DS reversible finger brake allows the operator to clamp the material with his/her foot, so both hands are free for perfect positioning of the sheet metal before clamping the material in place. Also included with the BB-5016-DSF, is an easy to adjust gap adjustment for various gauges of sheet metal. A spring loaded cylinder assists lifting the apron which gives assistance to the operator when bending at full capacity, which is an impressive 16 gauge at a full 50 inches. An adjustable stop rod rounds out the list of features for the BB-5016F-DS.

For more information, please contact Baileigh Industrial at 877-528-2809

Thickness (SS) 16 ga. (20 ga.)
Max. Opening Height 1.85"
Box Depth 2.5"
Bend Angle 0 – 135°
Power Manual
Shipping Weight 1000 lbs.
Length 50”
Shipping Dimensions 67" x 28" x 50"