Baileigh Portable Beveling Machine CM-10P

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The CM-10P portable metal beveling mill from Baileigh Industrial ushers in a new era of plate beveling machines. At just under 18lbs, this light weight portable unit runs with a 1hp brushless motor, only needing 110volts to operate. But just because its light weight doesn’t mean that it can’t produce. Brushless motors, by their nature, produce more torque and rpm then their brushed counterparts. The CM-10P has the power to chamfer 1/4" at 45 degrees from the front width and 3/8” at 45 degrees from its side width. The CM-10P comes standard with the ability to bevel at three set positions: 15, 30, and 45 degrees, but has optional pivot plates for even more adjustability.

Another nice feature of the CM-10P portable beveling machine is that it comes standard with a mount that enables it to be rigidly mounted to any bench top. An end bell mounted cooling fan keeps the CM-10P cool during those long hours of work. The guide plates are an enormous 9” long and include three roller balls to help guide the material through the cutter. The cutting wheel has 9 blades, all of which are indexable and replaceable.

Motor 1 hp
Chamfer Size 0-.393" (Multiple Passes)
Power 110V
Shipping Weight 22 lbs.
Max. RPM 2800
Shipping Dimensions 20" x 12" x 12"