Baileigh Plate Roller PR-510

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A long time staple of Baileigh Industrial’s sheet metal roll forming equipment line, the PR-510 has a bending capacity of 10 gauge mild steel at its full width of 5'. The PR-510 sheet metal forming plate roller has 4-3/4" OD rolls that are hardened and then polished to ensure no marring to the material being rolled. This plate roll is built to last and has a very rigid frame made from fully welded plate steel. This design eliminates any deflection of the rolls even at maximum thickness capacity.

The PR-510 single pinch roll former, is powered by a 2 hp 220 volt three phase motor, which turns all three rolls. Having three driven rolls increase efficiency of the machine. The back roll is also hydraulically controlled for up and down as well as left and right tilt for coning purposes. An optional coning attachment is also available. For repeatable bends the back roll position is displayed on a digital read out.

Baileigh Industrial’s PR-510 roll former is a great value and would be at home in any shop. Please contact your local Baileigh Industrial representative to find out more about our line of plate rollers and other sheet metal forming machines.

Forming Width 60"
Roll Speed 5.85 rpm.
Upper Roll Dia. 4.75"
Roll Adjustment Back Hydraulic
Minimum Forming Dia 7.125"
Motor 2 hp
Capacity (Mild Steel) 10 ga. (.135")
Power 220V / 3-phase
Shipping Weight 4,290 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 93" x 30" x 50"