Baileigh Plate Roll PR-613

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The PR-613 plate roll from Baileigh Industrial is just what every HVAC shop is looking for. It has the ability to roll 13 gauge mild steel over its full 6’ length to a minimum diameter of 7-1/8”. All three rolls of the PR-613 are hydraulically driven by a 220 volt three phase 2 hp motor. By having all three rolls hydraulically driven this will increase the efficiency of the finished product. The back roll on the PR-613 plate roll is also controlled by the hydraulic system and has a digital position indicator, so the operator knows exactly where the roll is at all times.

To ensure accuracy of the rolls during the forming process the frame on the PR-613 is made from plate steel. These pieces of steel frame work are integrated and fully welded to reduce and virtually eliminate any flexing that can occur at full capacity.

The PR-613 plate roll uses a control pedestal for some of the bending functions; forward, reverse, up, and down. Coning on the PR-613 is not a problem at all. An independent control box allows the operator to raise or drop one side of the back roll for accurate coning. To ensure operator safety, we have included dual emergency stop cables that are located on both the back and front of the machine. For more information on the PR-613, contact a Baileigh industrial representative today.

Forming Width 72"
Roll Speed 5.85 rpm.
Upper Roll Dia. 4.75"
Roll Adjustment Back Hydraulic
Minimum Forming Dia 7.125"
Motor 3 hp
Capacity (Mild Steel) 13 ga. (.090")
Power 220V / 3-phase
Shipping Weight 4,950 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 112" x 30" x 50"