Baileigh Multi-Purpose Manual Shear MPS-12

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When cutting small pieces of sheet metal most shops don’t go to the big heavy permanently mounted equipment. They have a series of small machines that can do smaller tasks faster. The MPS-12 from Baileigh Industrial fits that description perfectly. It is a bench mounted multi-purpose manual sheet metal shear that has a 12” blade with a throatless design that lets the metal pass though without getting stuck. It is also perfect for those small fabrication shops that do not have a lot of room or space.

For more force out of this manually operated machine the MPS-12 manual shear uses a leverage system that is connected to the pull down handle for more efficiency allowing .236" mild steel to be cut with ease. A convenient material stop is also included for repeatability of cuts.

Shear Capacity Flat Bar 2.75" x .236"
Shear Capacity Round .5"
Shear Capacity Sheet Steel .236"
Blade Length 12"
Power Manual
Shipping Weight 62 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 29" x 6.5" x 17.5"