Baileigh Mitering Band Saw BS-250M

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Baileigh Mitering Band Saw BS-250M

The BS-250M horizontal band saw from Baileigh Industrial is a great saw for any fabrication shop that cuts a variety of materials and profiles. The BS-250M is an inverter driven, variable speed band saw that allows the operator to precisely adjust the blade speed. Running at the proper blade speed, for the material, increases the life of the blade and cutting costs. The inverter drives a 1.5hp motor connected to a worm reduction gearbox, meaning there are no pulleys to adjust, or belts to break.

The BS-250M horizontal band saw is a single miter band saw capable of cutting up to 9” round metal stock, and can miter up to 60 degrees. Changing the miter angle takes seconds, and better yet, the vise stays in place. Like all Baileigh Industrial band saws, the BS-250M includes a powerful, industrial grade coolant pump that washes away chips before and after the cutting area. This cools, lubricates, and removes chips from the blade making the blade last longer and yield a better quality cut.

Another nice feature of the BS-250M is dual operating modes. Use the pull down arm and trigger switch to activate the blade and coolant, or if you’re in a production run, you can switch the machine to cut using the hydraulic descent cylinder. Using the descent cylinder to cut through the material, you can dial in the ideal descent rate, increasing blade life and cut quality. Also, the blade will automatically stop when finished with the cut.

Baileigh Industrial's horizontal band saws are designed and built to offer decades of precision metal sawing service. To find out more about this quality metal cutting band saw.

Full list of Band saw Blades

Motor Hp 2
Return Manual
Miter Adjustment Swivel Head
Miter Angle 0 – 60°
Motor High Torque 1.1Kw (AC)
Capacity Rectangular 90° x 45° 10.23" x 4.33"
Capacity Round 90°/ 45° / 60° 8.93" x 5.9" x 3.54"
Capacity Square 90°/ 45° / 60° 8.66" x 5.7" x 3.34"
Table Height 35"
Blade Guide Carbide x Roller
Blade Speed (fpm) 66–280 Variable
Descent Control Hydraulic
Drive Gear
Power 110V
Shipping Weight 475 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 61" x 29" x 37"