Baileigh Manually Operated Box and Pan (Finger) Brake BB-7212

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The BB-7212 box and pan brake from Baileigh Industrial give an option to the fabrication shop when size and space is an issue. The 72” length is a great compromise between the small BB-4812 and the oversized BB-9612. It has all the same great features of those models but in a more manageable size that is perfect for the smaller HVAC or fabrication shops.

Like all Baileigh Industrial box and pan brakes, the BB-7212 has hardened fingers of varying sizes that allows the operator to choose whether they want one long straight brake or the possibility of using one of the 17 different segments to make boxes or pans of any size they want. The unique design of the three piece fingers also allow for almost a full 6” box depth.

The fully welded and trussed supported frame, of the BB-7212, allows for bending of 12 gauge mild steel sheet metal over the entire 72” length without distortion or twisting. Less distortion equals better quality bends. The BB-7212 box and pan brake also includes a heavy duty stand that set the beam at optimal working height. The stand along with the two heavy duty counter balance weights makes it very easy to bend at maximum capacity.

Min Reverse Bend .625"
Thickness (SS) 12 ga. (16 ga.)
Box Depth 6"
Beam Adjustment 1"
Bend Angle 0 – 135°
Finger Sizes 3" – 4" – 5" – 6"
Power Manual
Shipping Weight 2,420 lbs.
Length 72”
Shipping Dimensions 96" x 32" x 43"