Baileigh Manual Sheet Metal Punch HP-160

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The HP-160 manual sheet metal punch from Baileigh Industrial is ruggedly built to withstand years of use in a garage or a full fledged fabrication shop. The body on the HP-160 is made from 1-1/2” steel plate and weighs in at an impressive 176 pounds making this one heavy duty machine. The HP-160 hand punch will punch perfect holes over and over again faster and more efficiently than traditional ways such as drilling.

The HP-160 manually operated hand punch comes standard with 9 sets of punches and dies, ranging from 1/8” to 5/8” round. The HP-160 is made from heavy duty plate steel which allows it to have a large capacity of .314” mild steel. The 6.25” throat depth allows for punching on even the deepest parts. An adjustable material stop is also included.

Throat Depth 6.25"
Max. Punching Capacity .314"
Power Manual
Shipping Weight 176 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 20.5" x 9" x 36.6"