Baileigh Mandrel Tube Bender – MB-350

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The MB-350 mandrel bender from Baileigh Industrial is the perfect machine for small to medium fabricators looking to either increase productivity or bend to small radii like 1.5 times the outside diameter of the material. Bending stainless steel exhaust is another great application for the MB-350. This machine has a capacity of 3” OD x .065” wall thickness on stainless steel.

The MB-350 is made in the USA and is packed with great features. Operation is controlled by a touch screen programmer that is capable of having 170 programs with 10 bends per program with the included memory, but is unlimited with the use of an SD card (standard 2CB SD card, max). A 10’ mandrel extraction table with rotary chuck is also included. This table along with the four manual carriage stops, allows the operator to “program” where the next bend is.

This is a right handed mandrel bender with single stack tooling which makes operation a lot less confusing for first time operators. Of course, tooling on the MB-350 like all mandrel benders is application specific and must be verified to work by Baileigh Industrial. Tooling consists of five parts; 1 - Rotary Bending Die; 2 - Clamp Die; 3- Pressure Die; 4 - Mandrel; 5 - Wiper Die.

To see if you application will work or to get more information on the MB-350 mandrel bender fomr Baileigh Industrial, contact a representative today

Min. Clr 1.5 x dia.
Square Tube SS & MS 2.0" x 2.0" x .120" wall
Capacities Round OD (Mild Steel) 3.0" x .120"
Capacities Round OD Stainless Steel 3.0" x .065" wall
Bending Hp 4 hp
Bend Direction Clockwise
Mandrel Rod Size 1" dia. x 1"
Material Feed 1"
Index Chuck Thru Hole 2.4"
Index Table Length 10 ft.
Max. Bend Speed 180 degrees in 16 seconds
Max. Clr 9"
Max. Hydraulic Pressure 3000 psi.
Hydraulic Motor 5 hp
Power 220V / 3-phase
Shipping Weight 4000 lbs.