Baileigh Hydraulic Press Brake BP-9078NC

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The BP-9078 brake press is a two axis NC machine with encoder positioning controls of the beam depth and back gauge positions, both displayed through separate DRO (digital read outs). Finite tuning of each axis is done by hand wheel adjustments. The motorized back gauge axis uses a ball screw transmission for flawless travel movements. The back gauge also has a scaled adjustment for back gauge height. The beam is hydraulically driven down and raised up (noting that accurate depth of bend of each cylinder is controlled by mechanical stops inside the cylinder). The beam has a 3 axis bearing set up at each point that travels on a heavy duty hardened track on each side of the press brake. To keep the machine true we use a unique parallel mechanism that mechanically synchronizes both sides of the machine so the motions are parallel throughout each stroke of the machine. This sheet metal bender also has an automatic crowning compensation feature that alters any flex in the machine when working at full capacity using the full width of the machine. All of these fine features insure a uniform straight bend throughout the material being bent. This hydraulic brake press has a movable operator pendant that houses the main controls. The DRO's show the positions of the beam and back gauge that are illuminated in the operator pendant. There is a switch that allows for three types of functions. The first function is the jog mode that is used by the operator during change over and set up. Then there is a manual mode that allows the operator to control the functions of the machine in a production mode. Finally there is the automatic mode where all the operator has to do is start this process with one press of the foot pedal and the machine does the rest. There are scaled pressure regulators for both the beam and the auto crowning compensation feature. Standard on all Baileigh brake presses is a six sensor safety curtain, one set of multi-vee tooling, and front material rests. These machines come fully loaded with no other option to include. Call a customer service engineer to answer any additional questions you might have.

Back Gauge Length 23.62"
Return Speed 2.36" / sec.
Motor 10 hp
Oil Capacity 45 gal
Throat Depth 7.87"
Stroke Distance 5.9"
Table Width 6.29"
Approach Speed 3.14" / sec.
Back Gauge Motor 1/2 hp
Bed Length 78"
Bending Speed .236" / sec
Maximum Capacity 90 tons
Distance Between Housings 61"
Distance From Table To Ram 11.81"
Power 220V / 3-phase
Shipping Weight 8,800 lbs.