Baileigh Hydraulic Press Brake BP-6778NC

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Baileigh's BP-6778 NC hydraulic press brake is very rigidly built for decades of production. Its frame is electro welded plate steel to ensure smooth motions of the upper beam. The upper beam has a 3 axis bearing design that rides on a heavy duty and very hardened slide track. Unique to Baileigh press brakes is a heavy duty forced synchronization system that mechanically ensures left to right are parallel with the bottom die, giving the operator unparalleled accuracy across the entire width of the beam. To further ensure accuracy this two axis NC sheet metal bender has encoder controls tied to separate DRO's (digital readouts) for the positioning of the upper beam's downward stroke and the positioning of the back gauge. Both positions can be finitely adjusted by separate hand wheels. The upper position or throat opening of the top beam can also be easily adjusted in seconds.

The press brakes operator control pendant houses all key operation functions like the DRO's for the two axis positions of the upper beam and back gauge. There is a three position function switch that lets the operator set the machine to jog, manual or automatic. The operator would use the jog mode for set-up or changeovers. The manual mode is used if the operator wants partial control of the operation process during production runs. The automatic mode is when the operator wants high production of parts being made.

There several additional simple fine adjustments that is handy to be able to make. There is a timer adjustment that can be made for the dwell of the upper beam in the downward stroke. The back gauges have metered adjustments that can be made to the height of the back gauges. The upper beams throat opening can be adjusted as well to decrease the upper stroke on the return.

For machines 60 tons and over, Baileigh heavy duty press brakes come standard with hydraulic auto crowning compensation to ensure straight bends even when working at maximum capacity. This machine has separate scaled pressure regulators for the upper beam and the auto crowing compensation devise. Six sensor safety curtains, front material rests and one set of multi-vee tooling is standard.

For further questions or comments please call for a knowledgeable customer service engineer. This model is typically in stock for quick deliveries.

Gauge Length 23.62"
Return Speed 2.36" / sec.
Oil Capacity 35 gal
Bending Capacity Max Length Max Thickness 78.75" / .157"
Stroke Distance 5.9"
Table Width 6.29"
Approach Speed 3.14" / sec.
Back Gauge Motor 1/2 hp
Bending Speed .275" / sec.
Main Motor 7.5 hp
Max. Capacity 67 tons
Distance Between Housings 61"
Distance From Table To Ram 11.81"
Power 220V / 3-phase
Shipping Weight 7,700 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 90.55"x61.02"x94.48"