Baileigh Hydraulic Press Brake BP-12313CNC

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The BP-12313 CNC Baileigh press brake is a 2 axis machine with servo adjustments for the bend angle and back gauge that can be made on the controller. The back gauge does have manual finite adjustments with dial read outs to rise or lower the back gauges. The touch screen Delem controller holds 100 programs with up to 25 commands per program. The BP-12313 CNC hydraulic sheet metal brake press has 13 feet of useful beam and has 123 tons of hydraulic power. This is a very rigid machine that uses very thick electro welded plate for the frame. The upper beam uses several 3 axis bearing systems that travel on a very heavy and hardened track. To further support rigidity and accuracy a parallel mechanism mechanically forces synchronized motions so the top beam is parallel to the bottom. An encoder gives the exact placement of the top beam back to the Delem controller. The heavy industrial hydraulic cylinders have depth positioning controlled by mechanical stops inside the cylinders to assure accurate bend angles. This hydraulic press brake comes standard with hydraulic auto crowning compensation that eliminates any flexing so bends come out crisp throughout the whole width of the machine. There are separate pressure regulators and dials so changes to pressure of the beam and auto crowning compensation can be made in seconds. Baileigh CNC press brakes Delem touch screen controls are easy to use. Like all Baileigh machineswe offer a lot as standard, so there are no other major expenses to incur. We include one set of multi-vee tooling, six sensor safety curtain, Delem touch screen controls, auto crowning compensation, material rests and much more. For more information, please call a qualified Baileigh Industrial engineer.

Gauge Length 23.62"
Return Speed 2.36" / sec.
Motor 10 hp
Nc Control Type Delem
Oil Capacity 55 gal
Throat Depth 9.84"
Bending Capacity Max Length Max Thickness 157.5" / .098"
Stroke Distance 7.87"
Table Width 7.87"
Approach Speed 3.14" / sec.
Back Gauge Motor 1/2 hp
Bending Speed .236" / sec
Distance Between Housings 133.85"
Distance From Table To Ram 13.75"
Power 220V / 3-phase
Shipping Weight 19,800 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 175.20" x 70.87" x 102.36"