Baileigh Hydraulic H-Frame Press HSP-110M

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Built with only the best components the HSP-110m from Baileigh Industrial sets the standard that all other hydraulic presses are measured by. The HSP-110M has a 3hp 220 volt three phase motor that is able to push all 110 tons of force and not even break a sweat. And by using 3/8” thick plate steel for the frame work, makes this press the most ridged press in its price range.

But just because it is built strong, doesn’t mean we skimp on features; the HSP-110M has all the bells and whistles that you would expect form a high end H-frame press. Things like, automatic piston return, two speed down movement with pressure regulator, chrome piston, head screw, and a cylinder that is moveable left or right within the framework itself. Operation of the HSP-110M hydraulic press has its option as well, the operator can chose operate the ram in automatic (motorized) or manual (hand pump) for even more control.

Whether it is being used for general assembly, straightening work, or just for pressing bearings in and out of their housings, the HSP-110M is a great choice.

Return Speed .5" / sec.
Maximum Pressure 3858 psi
Motor 3 hp
Piston Head Diameter 4.72"
Pump Speed 1.5 / 5.17 gal/min.
Oil Capacity 7.92 gal
Working Speed .106" / sec.
Working Width 36.22"
System Oil Capacity 3.17 gal
Lowering Speed .362" / sec.
Maximum Capacity 110 tons
Cylinder Stroke 15.75"
Cylinder Movable Yes
Cylinder Diameter 10"
Rpm 3000
Power 220V / 3-phase
Shipping Weight 2,101 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 67" x 37" x 84"