Baileigh Hydraulic Brake Press BP-7098CNC

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If you have a small shop and are looking to improve the efficiency of your bending processes while on a budget, the BP-7098CNC hydraulic brake press might just be what you are looking for. This 220 volt three phase machine has 70 tons of bending pressure over its entire length of 98”. That is long enough to bend an 8 foot piece of mild steel. The fully welded all steel construction of the BP-7098CNC, is designed for maximum rigidly and minimum deformation during the bending process. A heavy duty torque tube connects a pair of hydraulic cylinders so that they are synchronized and stay parallel to the bending table at all times. To ensure that the BP-7098CNC continues to operate at peak capacity, Baileigh Industrial has included an industrial grade hydraulic system made by Vickers/Eaton®

The BP-7098CNC features a two axis programmer that controls the back gauge depth and the bend depth. This is great for production because it can hold 40 programs with up to 25 bends per program. The programmer is also accurate to +/- .01mm, ensuring the parts come out right the first time. All of the other main electrical components are supplied by Weidmueller and Schneider® from Germany.

The BP-7098CNC hydraulic press brake also uses a two speed system for bending. A rapid approach and retract along with a slow bending speed for control reduces cycle time and make the shop more efficient. Tooling is also included with the BP-7098CNC hydraulic brake press, a multi vee bottom die and gooseneck punches with quick change holders are standard.


Table Length 98.4"
Gauge Length 23.62"
Return Speed 2.36" / sec.
Maximum Pressure 70 tons
Throat Depth 9.8"
Stroke Distance 4.7"
Approach Speed 2.0" / sec.
Back Gauge Motor 1/2 hp
Bending Speed .6" / sec.
Main Motor 7 hp
Distance Between Housings 80"
Distance From Table To Ram 14"
Power 220V / 3-phase
Shipping Weight 9251 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions

107" x 52" x 85"