Baileigh Horizontal Press Brake HPB-78NC

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A horizontal bending press is a machine that should be in every metal fabrication shop. The applications for this machine are limitless and the HPB-78NC is Baileigh Industrial’s largest horizontal bending press in its line. The HPB-78NC uses a 220 volt three phase 7.5 hp motor to power the industrial grade hydraulic system; a system hat produces 78 tons of fabricating force.

The HPB-78NC is the perfect for any shop that currently has a vertical press brake, but has smaller jobs to do. The advantage of a horizontal bending press is when a part is bent it's lying on its side on the perfectly machines bending plate, so it's completely square when completed. This advantage alone can save time and money compared to set up on a conventional brake press for smaller parts that have to be bent perpendicular to the beam.

All Baileigh Industrial horizontal brake presses come with a numeric control that uses electronic encoders for accurate measurement. These controllers allow for manual bends or can be run in the program mode that stores up to 50 programs with up to 10 bends each. A manual back gauge is also included for repeatability.

Whether you need to shear, bend, punch, or even straighten the different tooling possibilities for the HBP-78NC are endless and custom tooling is available upon request. Contact a Baileigh Industrial representative for more information.

Return Speed .55" / sec.
Motor 7.5 hp
Pressure 78 tons
Punch Height 11.81"
Working Speed .43" / sec.
Stroke Accuracy +/– .002"
Stroke Length 13.78"
Table Height 37.4"
Fixture Holes (1) @ 4.646" dia. / (3) @ 3.268" dia.
Power Manual
Shipping Weight 4,580 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 81" x 38" x 61"