Baileigh Horizontal and Vertical Band Saw BS-712MS

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New Baileigh Horizontal and Vertical Band Saw BS-712MS

The BS-712MS is one of the most versatile horizontal” band saws on the market. The design is based off of the BS-712M, except we’ve added a heavy duty, cast iron, swivel head for mitering, instead of using the vise. This feature allows for faster production times and less waste. The BS-712MS horizontal band saw is powered by 110 volts, allowing it to be used just about anywhere. It also features wheels to make it portable.

Like the BS-712M, the BS-712MS can be run in the traditional horizontal position, for general cut offs, or in a vertical position. Vertical cutting is achieved by simply lifting the bow and locking it in place. With the bow locked vertically, you can do precise shape cutting. This versatility is extremely important when space is at a premium in a shop; you are basically getting two saws for the price of one. The best part is, in the horizontal position, the BS-712MS has a 7” OD round and a 7” x 10-1/4” rectangle capacity.

Like all Baileigh Industrial band saws, the BS-712MS is built from the highest quality components. The head and bow of the BS-712MS are made from heavy duty cast iron that’s been precisely machined to exacting tolerances. This machining ensures proper alignment for any cutting process. A pair of adjustable guides attached to the heavy duty head, along with eight sealed ball bearings aligns the blade for accurate cuts and helps increase blade life. Add a chip removal brush and flood coolant system to the BS-712MS manual band saw, and you have one great package.

Typically in stock for fast deliveries, the BS-712MS is a great choice for shop or home.

Return Manual
Miter Adjustment Swivel Head
Miter Angle 0 – 45°
Motor 1 hp
Capacity Rectangular 90 x 45 x 45L 7" x 10.23" x 4.72" x 4.13"
Capacity Round 90° x 45° 7" x 4.33"
Table Height 23"
Blade Guide Roller
Blade Speed (fpm) 125 x 215 x 270
Descent Control Hydraulic
Drive Gear
Power 110 / 220V, 1-phase
Shipping Weight 540 lbs.