Baileigh Heavy Duty Box and Pan Brake BB-4816

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When looking for a high quality 4’ box and pan brake, look no further than the BB-4816 from Baileigh Industrial. The BB-4816 is the perfect brake for any fabrication shop looking for a top of the line high quality light gauge sheet metal brake. The BB-4816 sheet metal brake uses a fully welded main beam and apron for maximum rigidity and lessens the chances of deformation to the material being bent. The BB-4816 was designed to accept 48” wide sheets of 16 gauge mild steel sheet metal and bend them to perfect angles every time. To assist with bending at full capacity the BB-4816 box and pan brake includes a heavy duty counter balance weight; this weight will save time and energy for the operator.

The BB-4816 can be bench mounted or can be permanently place upon the included heavy duty stand. 16 hardened fingers of different lengths are also included to assist in fabricating as many different sizes of boxes and pans imaginable.

Thickness (SS) 16 ga. (20 ga.)
Stand Yes
Box Depth 4"
Beam Adjustment .625"
Beam Lift Max 1.75"
Bend Angle 0 – 135°
Finger Sizes 2" – 3" – 4"
Power Manual
Shipping Weight 550 lbs.
Length 48”
Shipping Dimensions 64" x 27" x 32"